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By temporarily plugging the sweat ducts, they stop sweat coming to the skin's surface. A 2005 British study, published in the journal of Inorganic biochemistry, found that aluminum-based compounds may be absorbed by the skin and cause estrogen-like effects. Because estrogen has the ability to promote breast cancer cells, some scientists have suggested that the aluminum-based compounds in antiperspirants may contribute to the development of breast cancer. A 2003 study in the european journal of Cancer found that women who used antiperspirants or deodorants and who shaved their underarms at an earlier age were at greater risk for breast cancer than women who started later. Benzyl Alcohol and Isopropyl Alcohol - both benzyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol irritate the skin. They are used as fragrance ingredients and as preservatives, solvents and anti-foaming agents for hand sanitizers, sunscreens, lotions and baby wipes. There is also evidence that these two alcohols are neurotoxic.

The Environmental Working Group found they were added to one out of every 17 personal care products on the us market. They can be found in skin care products ranging from moisturizers and cleansers to eye creams and sunscreen. The fda estimates that they injure 1,000 Americans every year by burning the skin. The fda is also concerned that they contribute to uv skin damage and may raise the risk of skin cancer. In Canada, the health Canada cosmetic Hotlist allows concentrations of less than 10 in personal care products, but higher concentrations are allowed for professional use. Health Canada also requires cautionary warnings on leave-on products containing aha when the concentrations are above. Aluminum - aluminum compounds are the active ingredients in antiperspirants.

Nail Polish Remover, artificial nails skin Products (Summer 2011) Astringent and Toner Bath Products Body and Massage oil Body powder Cleanser deodorants and Antiperspirants Exfoliants and Scrubs Facial Masks and Steam Baths Facial Mists Facial Scrubs (see exfoliants and Scrubs ) Lip Glosses, balms and. Very little is known about the health effects of these chemicals. More than 90 have never been tested for their effects on human health, and complete toxicity data are available for only 7 of them. Even though government agencies are aware of the health hazards of some ingredients, such as hydroquinone or phthalates, they are still allowed in personal care products. We are providing information on some of the most common hazardous ingredients, so that you can check your cosmetic labels and see if they are there. Hazardous ingredients are usually present in conventional products, but they may also be found in some alternative products which try to be more health conscious. Note though that some chemicals about which there are serious concerns. Such as fragrance ingredients or contaminants found in certain chemicals, will not show up on labels so reading labels wont tell you everything you need to know. The information below should be helpful. In preparing this guide, we screened products and chose those which had the least amount of these hazardous chemicals, or none at all, for our Best and good sections. Alpha hydroxy busverbinding Acids (AHA) and Beta hydroxy Acids - alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids are acid "skin peels" marketed as a way to remove wrinkles, blemishes, blotches and acne scars.

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Common hazardous Chemicals found in Personal Care Products. Eye and Face make-up (revised Spring 2011 blush, concealer, huidinstituut eye liner, eye shadow. Face powder, foundation, lip Gloss, balms and Protectors (see skin products section lip Products, makeup Remover. Mascara, dental and Oral Hygiene (Spring 2011 dental Floss, denture Cleaners, mouthwash. Toothpaste, tooth Whiteners, feminine hygiene (Spring 2011 douches, tampons, pads and other Menstrual Products. Hair Care (Spring 2011 conditioner, hair Colouring, hair Oils and Pomades, hair Relaxers and Straighteners. Hair Styling, mousse (see, hair Styling permanent waves, shampoo. Hair Removal (Spring 2011 waxes/Sugaring Compounds, shaving Products (see skin products section nail Products (Spring 2011 nail Polish.

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Reduce your chemical exposure. Bottle natural hairspray chemicals pump sprays holds wet dry chemical spraying smells scent dries ingredients smell sprayer healthy alcohol stiff Top customer reviews There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Stop covering your hair with chemicals and use natural ingredients like fruit instead! This homemade hairspray is natural. Will turn out the same without them. Where to buy organic hairspray, without parabens or other potentially dangerous chemicals. Common chemicals found in hairspray are aerosol propellants, alcohol, carcinogenic polyvinylpyrrolidone plastic, formaldehyde, and artificial fragrance, which can cause low blood pressure, breathing difficulty, irritation of the skin, eyes and lungs, and even a coma. Hairspray is one of the worst offenders when it comes to chemicals in beauty products.

Natulique, get some professional styling with professional organic hair products by natulique. Since natulique offers a wide range of products from hair wax to hair spray; smoothing oils and curling creams and more, its shampoo patterns really hard to choose one product to feature here! Definitely one of the most comprehensive ranges around. Related articles across the web.

It s difficult in finding hairspray without chemicals (think about all the chemicals, i inhaled during the 80 s) and have it actually work well. This is a pretty good hairspray for being natural. The scent is decent and not overwhelming like regular drugstore hairpsray. This Homemade hair Spray has only 3 ingredients. Homemade Alcohol-Free hairspray that Works. Why make your Own hairspray?

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This certified organic styling product is great for all hair types but ideal for hair that likes to tangle and snarl, this can be used on the whole family including baby fine hair. Intelligent Nutrients also includes a huge range of other styling products, including a hair spray that really holds! Ok, some may think mousse is an 80s throwback, but the reality is, its the perfect product if youre looking for something between a gel and a hair spray. This one by giovanni offers texture, body and volume, all thanks to its natural ingredients  like rosemary, mallow and horsetail. Has a lovely citrus scent, too. This certified organic leave-in hair serum moisturizes and protects hair from dryness with light holding and styling properties that promote smooth, straight, glossy hair.

Patent pending Larch Tree resin provides hold so your straight styles last longer without dulling, building up or flaking. A moroccan classic, Argan oil has been used for centuries for its hydrating qualities. It can be used in tiny amounts on the points of hair to smooth and calm frizz, massaged into the scalp to encourage hair growth, or even used on skin and nails for overall moisturising. We all know that silicone isnt great for the hair it can ultimately be very drying. But what to do when your split ends are evident, and your hair frizzes up with the slightest bit of humidity? French brand Antonin B provides a great solution, without using silicone. Their Ceramides Enriched Desert Serum fortifies the very core of the hair fibre and smoothes down split ends, whilst also giving your hair strength, shine and definition. Its especially good for dry or colour treated hair. Update: we found one more!

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It also adds incredible shine and is safe for colour-treated hair. Need a new look? This hair completely natural hair gel helps create new looks time and time again or just adds volume when you need. Organic bamboo protects your hair from excessive heat like blow drying and straighteners, while plant extracts help to tame and enhance your hairstyle, keeping it in place. Great for a natural look without stickiness. If you have really thick hair, this is for you! Its a detangler with light conditioning benefits, made to soften unruly hair and prevent damage, leaving hair shiny and manageable.

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The hold isnt as fine as chemical hair sprays, but it is solid, and will keep your mane in place all day. Got limp, thin hair? This is the perfect product for you. Spritz of this all-natural miracle product onto damp hair, blow dry, and feel like youve doubled your hair count! Leaves hair feeling soft, too. This product by john Masters Organics is full of organic and natural ingredients that help keep hair healthy, whilst providing extra-strength hair texturising. Its great for shaping shorter hair into treatment any desired style, from the bed-head look to smooth and silky, and helps long, curly hair retain its shape, too.

Here, weve found what we think are some of the best organic hair styling products, chosen for the efficiency, naturalness and delicious scents. Got thick, unruly hair? Rahuas natural hair wax will keep it strictly in place! This all natural, great smelling wax bonds with hair gently and helps you create a unique look, be it adding height and definition to shorter hair, or more control and manageability for longer or curly hair. Its based tientje on carnauba wax, which washes out super easily, though it provides plenty of staying power. Hair spray is usually pretty nasty! Its normally basically plastic particles in alcohol that you coat your hair with and breathe in, too! And dont even get us started on the damage that those aerosol cans do the ozone layerBut finally, we found a hair spray thats free from alcohol, parabens, sulfates and of course, cruelty.

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By diane Small, anyone whos entered a busy hair salon knows how hairspray can cause a coughand no wonder! Common chemicals found in hairspray are aerosol propellants, alcohol, carcinogenic polyvinylpyrrolidone plastic, formaldehyde, and artificial fragrance, which can cause low blood pressure, breathing difficulty, irritation of the skin, eyes and lungs, and even a coma. Over extended use, these chemicals also increase the risk of developing the lung disease thesaurosis, as behandeling well as cancer. Hair gel isnt much better. While its not as volatile due to the fact that its not sprayed, it normally contains parabens, propylene, formaldehyde, phthalates and other chemicals that are absorbed by your hands and scalp, which can hurt your health over the long run, and damage your hair too. So thank goodness there are several new chemical free hairstyling products on the market! Weve covered natural shampoos before, and while that is clearly a popular and growing market, it seems the development of natural styling products was slightly slower.

Hairspray without chemicals
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